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Cash Register

FISCAT offers a range of electronic cash registers (ECR), including entry-level mobile ECRs, compact ECRs, and large size ECRs to suit any application scenario. The customized fiscal projects with high performance and unique design are very popular around the world.


Мобильный ECR начального уровня


Новый Pos ECR


Небольшие кассовые аппараты


Очень дружелюбный кассовый аппарат.

What is an Electronic Cash Register?

An Electronic Cash Register (ECR) is a modern, smart cash register that utilizes advanced computing technology for efficient sales transaction handling and data management. Unlike traditional vintage cash registers, ECRs feature digital displays, customizable touchscreens, and connectivity options for integration with various business systems. These devices support transaction processing, inventory tracking, sales reporting, and customer data management, offering a comprehensive solution for contemporary retail needs.

Fiscat is an Electronic Cash Register supplier for more than 10 years, our devices are widely used worldwide. 

What is a Portable Cash Register?

A Portable Cash Register (ECR) offers the same essential functions as a standard ECR but with added mobility. Portable registers are compact and battery-operated, with wireless connectivity to support business operations anywhere. 

Fiscat produces a variety of mobile cash registers for businesses of all sizes. If you are looking for small cash register, portable cash register, pos cash register, restaurant cash register, grocery store cash register, retail cash register, you’re in the right place. Contact us to buy cash register.

What’s a Point of Sale Cash Register?

A point of sale (POS) cash register is an advanced system that merges hardware and software to facilitate and manage transactions directly at the point of sale. This system typically includes a combination of a cash register machine (the physical unit where transactions are processed), and a point of sale software (which processes sales, manages inventory, and stores customer data).

Fiscat's point of sale register is a powerful hardware which can compatible with your PC software for your easier business management.

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